Wheat Free Diet: What are the Benefits?

Although I am not in the medical profession I do enjoy reading anything that has to do with health and nutrition. And since I have been overweight on and off for most of my life (even as a child) most of the reading that I do has to do with weight loss. However, I have never really thought about how following a wheat free diet could help me lose weight.

I notice that even though the Wheat Belly Diet book is new it has already gotten 5 stars and favorable reviews from Amazon. And while I am sure that many people who read the book will skip over the history of wheat to get to the actual diet it is well worth reading from the beginning to see just how wheat has been changed over the years and just how it can affect us.

Can you imagine cutting wheat out of the diet of a child who was diagnosed with autism and seeing significant improvement? What about those who suffer from various autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome or even schizophrenia? Could it really be as simple as following a wheat free diet to see significant improvement?

I haven’t started the diet yet because I am still reading the book but I can easily see where the Wheat Belly Book has the potential to help so many people, not just those with celiac disease or those who need to lose weight. I have begged my own mother for months to try following a gluten free diet for her crohn’s disease but she insists that her Dr says there is nothing wrong with her eating wheat.  In spite of my mother being very careful with what she eats she is on many medications and is facing her second surgery soon.  I may just have to buy her the book to get her to at least consider what a wheat free diet could do for her.

I am not sure yet if  following the Wheat Belly diet is about following a totally gluten free diet or if it is just about giving up wheat but the way I understand it is wheat is a big source of gluten so maybe going totally gluten free would be the way to go.

I really hope that this wheat free diet plan can help me with what Dr Davis refers to as a “wheat belly” but not only that I am hoping to see other health benefits as well. And if my own weight loss can inspire my mother and other family members with certain health issues to give it a try then that should be a big motivator for me to stay on the diet.


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