Finding Wheat Free Alternatives For Your Favorite Foods

I must admit, the thought of eating wheat free (and even grain free for that matter, but that will be the subject of another post) was really daunting at first. The thought of never having pizza, pasta, bread or many of the other staples that tend to make up the American diet really made me sad. However, I am finding that you can find many wheat free alternatives, and in many cases duplicate your favorite recipes to make them not only wheat free, but low carb as well.

I have decided that along with going wheat free I am cutting back on carbs in general. Now keep in mind this has to do with my personal situation (prediabetes) and yours may be different. However, most days I am trying to eat less carbohydrates by choosing plenty of healthy non-starchy veggies, small amounts of fruit and starches like potatoes only rarely (small servings a few times a week).

This is where it pays to be really creative. For example, I found  that mock garlic mashed potatoes (made with cauliflower) can actually be as good as the real thing! Now you can have your “mashed potatoes” and not feel deprived.  In fact, even the pickiest eaters (you know, those veggie haters in your life)  may enjoy this recipe: Mock Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Another thing I discovered with eating wheat free is that this can be even cheaper than I thought!  Let’s face it. If you spend a lot of time in the health food store looking for all kinds of wheat free or gluten free replacements you are going to spend a lot of  money (which is exactly what I did the first week). Sure buy these things as an occasional treat but for the most part you don’t need to.

For example, make the mock garlic mashed potatoes or start thinking of creative ways to make your favorite dishes. How about yummy chicken parmesan with full fat cheese?  Sure you can buy gluten free bread crumbs but why not just leave the breading off to not only save money but keep it lower in carbs?

You may be thinking that mashed potatoes are not an issue since they do not contain wheat, however, if cutting carbs and/or losing weight is your goal then why not try them?

In my opinion, if you keep these specialty foods to an occasional purchase and focus on mostly unprocessed foods then your grocery bill will go down since many of these wheat free recipes are made with ingredients that most of us have on hand.


There really are many health benefits to going wheat free.  I bought the Wheat Belly book for weight loss but just knowing that giving up this not-so-healthy grain can also have other health benefits  as well is an added bonus.


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