Wheat Belly Total Health Review

Wheat Belly Total Health Book Review

Because heart disease is in your genes, does that mean you have an elevated chance of suffering the same concerns? Can you turn on cancer, heart disease and diabetes by the foods that you eat? The bestseller book Wheat Belly Total Health by cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, answers multiple questions on restoring your good health simply by changing the foods that you eat.

Wheat Belly Total Health is an updated follow up to Dr Davis’ first book, Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health, and answers even more questions about the negative affects that not only wheat, but grains in general have on our health.

Negative Side Effects of Wheat

Science has developed a wheat that is gluten-dense. Gluten sensitivities are in all the news. Your food world is changing, and it could be making you ill. Your enlarged stomach may not be because you’re eating too much; ultimately, it could be the result of ingesting wheat. It’s time for a healthy change to a menu that restores your vigorous health.

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Health Benefits of a Grain Free Diet

Accumulated unhealthy effects of consuming wheat may be reversed by switching to a grain free diet. Eliminating grains from your diet may be difficult in the beginning, but it has the potential to change your health in various ways, including:

  • reversing autoimmune diseases
  • relieving discomfort and swelling in joints
  • restoring normal weight and energetic lifestyle
  • raising your chance to reverse diabetes
  • lowering heart disease risk

An improved Life With Vibrant Health

If you could regain your health simply by eliminating wheat and grains from your grocery cart, would you be willing to try? The road to a disease-free future for you and your family is possible.

The change begins when you start your first day of grain-free living. You may find it hard to give up grains all at once but over time, you can start adapting your favorite recipes to make it easier.
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wheat belly total health review

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