Wheat Belly-My Struggle With Belly Fat Part 1

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have been struggling with my weight pretty much my whole life. And when I say I have a wheat belly I can say it is not from pregnancy or the typical middle age spread. For me it is genetics, basically on my father’s side (and because my father died at the very young age of 40 I really want to fight genetics any way that I can).

Excess Belly Fat
I think my earliest memory of being overweight was when I was about six years old any my brother called me fat. As I grew older and entered into my teens years I continued to gain-but not like girls typically gain. I have always been very thin in the arms and legs and gained everything in the belly. Needless to say I was never comfortable with my appearance and finding clothes to fit right has always been a nightmare.

Having five thin siblings and a thin mother didn’t make things easier, but time has caught up with the rest of them.  And although they all struggle with their weight to a point (like maybe an extra 10 to 20 pounds) At 5′ 3″ and over 200 pound of mostly unhealthy belly fat I have crossed the line to obesity.

Diets Didn’t Work
I have been on more diets than I can remember. I remember as a pre-teen packing a lunch that consisted of nothing more than an apple and half a sandwich and coming home so hungry that I would binge.  As I got older I would follow one fad diet after another and by the time I reached high school I was about 50 pounds overweight-mostly belly fat.

Drastic Weight Loss
I finally succeeded in losing all my excess weight in my early 20s. Meals usually consisted of Slim Fast for breakfast and lunch and a low calorie dinner. By this time I was working a very active factory job and would then come home and strength train or take a long walk.  Needless to say, between taking in a lot less calories and moving a lot I lost a lot of weight but I never really looked healthy.

I stayed at around 117 pounds for a few years. And although that is within normal range for being 5’3″ many thought I looked too thin.  Then I reached an all time low for me of 110 and looked downright sickly.  My clothes just hung on me and it seemed the more I lost the skinnier my legs would get. And although I could hide it better under my clothes and my belly did get smaller  the belly fat never totally went away. It seemed that the harder I worked to achieve a flat belly the more weight I lost in places that were already too thin.

I kept the weight off for a few years but eventually I got married, took a job that was less physically demanding and basically settled into married life.  Between that and perhaps getting tired of constantly eating a low calorie diet the pounds started coming back. And I didn’t just regain everything I lost, I ended up with an extra 50 pounds.

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