Wheat Belly: My Struggle With Belly Fat Part 2

In part 1 of my struggles with belly fat  I talked about being overweight since childhood and finally battling the excess weight then eventually gaining it all back (and then some-plus lots of belly fat). Soon I was jumping from  one diet after another.

Diets Never Worked
Most diets were pretty sound such as simply counting calories or following Weight Watchers. These would work for a while but eventually  I would cheat – a little at first then before you know it I was off my diet completely. Other diets I tried included the South Beach diet and Atkins diet (I lasted about a day on that one) but nothing ever seemed to work in the long term.

Besides the excess weight I was always tired, and often had irregular periods. And although I never got checked for fertility problems  I remember my Dr mentioning PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome, which is often associated with infertility).

I was never able to get pregnant until, at 38 years old I managed to cut calories, lost about 20 pounds  and got pregnant with my first and only child. I am convinced that the excess weight is the reason I didn’t conceive before this.

Overweight and Pregnant
My pregnancy was not easy. After all, being an older mom and going into pregnancy overweight is not ideal (in spite of my weight loss I was still pretty heavy).  I was diagnosed with pregnancy induced high blood pressure as well as gestational diabetes.

This led to my first trip to a dietician who created a plan to help me manage my gestational diabetes.  This is also where I really got a lesson on watching carbohydrate intake throughout the day and the importance of balancing carbs with protein. I followed the diet very strictly and delivered a healthy baby boy.

Belly Fat and Type 2 Diabetes
The good news about gestational diabetes is it goes away once you are no longer pregnant. The bad news is it puts you at an increased risk for developing type 2 diabetes later in life.  In spite of this I stopped watching my diet and soon weighed more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant! My Dr eventually diagnosed me with insulin resistance (another early warning sign to type 2 diabetes) and put me on medication to help control my blood sugar. I didn’t tolerate the medication very well and told her I wanted to try to control my blood sugar through diet and evercise.

Trying the Wheat Belly Diet
Fast forward a few more years I have yet to get my blood sugar under control and I am dangerously pre-diabetic. In fact, my last blood work shows that I am within a few points of being diagnosed as a diabetic.  I really believe that the Wheat Belly Diet is my last chance to get my health on track once and for all.

I not only want to get rid of this excess belly fat but I want to regain my health and have more energy.  After all, belly fat isn’t just unattractive, it is downright unhealthy to carry excess fat in the middle.

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