Wheat Belly Diet Day 1

I actually got started a day late on the wheat belly diet due to not being home all weekend and not getting to the grocery store.  I knew that if  I wasn’t well stocked with a variety of healthy wheat-free foods I was setting myself up for failure. Well I did get started a day late but happy to report that day 1 went well and so far no cravings.

My starting weight is pretty high at 203.5-which is not good for someone who is only 5’3″ tall. And here is the kicker-my waist measurement is a whopping 48 7/8″. Would you be surprised if I told you I haven’t worn anything without an elastic waistband in years? The wheat belly diet really isn’t so hard to follow except for the fact that wheat is hidden in so many things! If you live in the northeast and are lucky enough to live near a Wegmans then that is a blessing since you can to their website and get a list of all their gluten free products.  Some items are still not labeled gluten free so that is where you have to read the labels to make sure. For example, I bought wegmans brand ranch dressing (full fat, yay!) and it is gluten free but that doesn’t necessarily mean other brands will be as well. I also stocked up on fresh veggies for salads, fruit, meat, raw nuts and cheese as well as a gluten free corn pasta that I am anxious to try.

I also want to clarify that giving up wheat does not mean you get a red light to eat whatever you want as long as it is wheat free.  Some foods on the diet are unlimited, even fats are okay as long as they are not the unhealthy trans fats. However, you still need to use common sense when eating carbohydrates since this is what raises blood sugar.

Dinner on day one consisted of sirloin steak, broccoli and 2 small salt potatoes (boiled potatoes in salted water and smothered in butter. These are really small so I had two but normally  I could easily eat 4 or 5).  I could have plenty of broccoli and unlimited steak but didn’t over do it. That’s what’s nice. The fat tends to fill you up so even though I went for seconds on the steak I only took a little more. And when  I tallied up my calories for dinner (which you don’t have to do, I was just curious) I came in at under 600 for dinner and under 1500 for the day.

Counting calories is not necessary on the wheat belly diet which is great but for now I want to make sure I am not overdoing it. If I was one of those people who ate until they were full then stopped then no problem. However there are times when I eat just out of boredom. Of course that could have been the  wheat addiction making me hungry.  According to the Wheat Belly book, those who cut wheat from their diet will naturally eat around 400 fewer calories per day!

I am glad that day one went so well and look forward to the rest of the week as well as my next weigh in and measuring. I am also anxious to try some gluten free recipes that I will share here on my blog. Oh and one more thing, seems that every day after dinner all I want to do is take a nap but that didn’t happen today.  I really think  eating this way is going to give me a lot more energy!

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