Is the Wheat Belly Diet Expensive?

After my first shopping trip for the Wheat Belly diet I was wondering if this was a plan that I would be able to afford to do. After all, visit any health food store or natural food section at your local grocery store and you know that many specialty items are indeed more expensive. But is actually following the Wheat Belly Diet expensive? It really doesn’t have to be.

First, there are plenty of every day items that you are probably already buying that are already gluten free.  From meat and poultry, produce to dairy as well as many staples like salad dressing, mayo, oil, raw nuts etc. Most do not contain gluten (check labels to be sure, for example not all salad dressing is gluten free).  Before making your grocery list check your refrigerator and pantry for gluten-free items that you already have on hand.

Where you may be spending more is on baking items. After all, boxed foods, pasta, and breads are usually pretty cheap. But since virtually all of these foods have wheat in them they need to go. So yes you will be paying more for gluten free versions but I still think you will save money simply because you will be eating out a lot less of these types of food on this diet.

You will  find yourself packing convenient wheat free snacks like cheese, nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables for those times you are out an about and need a quick mini meal. Just imagine how much money you will save by not having to stop at the local convenience store or for a quick fast-food fix when you need something to hold you until your next meal.

Another thing to consider is – going on the wheat belly diet does not give the green light to stock up on all kinds of gluten free snacks. The idea is to eat more natural and watch your carb portions. So while gluten free pasta or baked goods can be an occasional treat they shouldn’t be part of your everyday diet anyway.

You will also save money by experimenting in the kitchen. Sure you can buy wheat free products already prepared but why not check out all the delicious recipes online for baked goods using Coconut Flour instead?  Again, coconut flour is more expensive than all purpose flour but  as an occasional treat it is well worth the cost.

Keep in mind that your first few grocery trips may cost a little more as you stock up on various meats, poultry, cheese, nuts and fresh produce. However, in time you may just find that because you are eating a lot more whole foods and less processed foods while dining out a lot less that this diet is one that can easily fit into your budget.

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