How to Save Money on the Wheat Belly Diet

This post about the wheat belly diet is more about saving money than the diet itself. When I first started my plan to go wheat free I watched our grocery bill go up at least 30%! However, I later realized that the diet itself can be very economical. This is when I also realized that I was making the mistake of buying all kinds of gluten-free specialty products to replace the foods that I was accustomed to. This was not only unnecessary but quite expensive as well. From gluten-free pastas to gluten-free pizza crusts and even costly gluten-free desserts I was spending a fortune!

Besides the overall cost of these products I was also making another mistake-eating too many calories.  Keep in mind that many gluten free products were pretty much created for those with Celiac’s disease so that they do not feel deprived.  After all, gluten is in so many products that we love that giving up breads, pastas, our favorite cakes, pies and more that the thought of cutting them out for life is downright depressing.

One way to save money on the Wheat Belly diet is to simply focus on the foods that you can eat, which are naturally wheat free such as fruits and veggies, meat, cheese, nuts, potatoes and more.  Shopping around these basic items will not only save you money but also means that you are depending a lot less on prepackaged food and eating much cleaner.

In my opinion, I think it is okay to  splurge on those gluten-free specialty foods once in a while but keep in mind that they should be thought of as an occasional splurge, not a staple in your diet.  After all, any weight loss diet means saving these high calorie treats for occasional splurges only so why should this diet be any different? And you will not only save money by limiting these foods  but excess calories as well. There are also some really yummy recipes that call for ingredients such as almond flour and coconut flour (these flours are more expensive but probably a cheaper and tastier alternative to prepackaged gluten-free products.

Keep in mind that when using gluten-free flours in many cases you can’t simply substitute. Often times the recipe needs to be adjusted. Luckily there are many good recipes you can find online as well as many good gluten free cookbooks using these alternatives.

I have found many gluten free flours in the specialty section of my local grocery store. If you are having trouble finding these then you can also order them online at reputable sites such as Amazon for gluten free flour

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