Going Wheat Free: My New Commitment to Myself

I guess you can say I am a walking encyclopedia when it comes to diets. After all I have been trying to lose weight since middle school. I remember those days when I had very little knowledge of what to do to lose weight (and lets face it, back in the 70s I don’t think too many experts did either). Back then my idea of a diet was total deprivation-packing my lunch with nothing more than half a sandwich and a piece of fruit after nothing more than a bowl of cereal for breakfast. No wonder I came home completely famished and ready to eat everything in site!

As I got older I started researching various diets and have tried more than my fair share. From Weight Watchers to Atkins, South Beach, LA Weight Loss and Slim-Fast just to name a few.  I have had some success with a few of these diets but ultimately the weight came back.

I started the Wheat Belly diet plan last fall, and got my husband on board as well (my husband tries to eat healthy anyway, and agreed that wheat is probably not good for us).  Like I said in my last  post, I jumped into this plan with gusto and made a mistake of spending too much money on gluten-free products. Then, with the holidays I found myself backsliding more and more until sadly, I was back to eating those foods that I know are not good for me.

So did the diet fail? Of course not! Going wheat free is a very healthy way of eating and I know that if I stayed with my commitment I would be well on my way to my health and weight loss goals.  But instead I allowed myself to go back to eating those things that are not good for me.

I did start watching what I eat again last month and I am happy to say that I am down 5 pounds. However, I am ready to take my weight loss to the next level and this is how I plan to recommit to going wheat free:

Reread the Book
The Wheat Belly Diet is an easy read and a real eye opener!  That’s why I am going to read it again as a refresher.

Ease into the Plan
For some, going cold turkey on wheat is the way to go and for those with Celiac’s it is a must! But I have to warn you, wheat is in so many things!  For me, my approach is to gradually eat more wheat free meals as I phase out wheat altogether.

Use Meal Replacements
If you are going wheat free then you can pretty much kiss that bowl of cereal in the morning goodbye. I am not a morning person and like to keep my breakfast simple. I did find a good tasting, low sugar, gluten free shake that makes a perfect meal replacement for me. (Disclosure: since I started using these shakes on a regular basis I decided to become a distributor so if you place and order I do get compensated).

Plan Ahead and Stock Up
The Wheat Belly diet is not only doable but very affordable if you plan ahead.  Once you are familiar with the plan you can stock up on  good tasting, real food that is wheat free and start coming up with plenty of delicious menus.

Find New Recipes
One diet that is  wheat belly friendly is the Paleo diet, which I find very interesting. The Paleo diet, often referred to as the hunter-gatherer diet is based on what was eaten during the Paleolithic era is more restrictive that the wheat belly diet. However, there are some Paleo recips online that I plan to try. I have also recently ordered this book Paleo Comfort Foods which has gotten rave reviews.  Be sure to watch for a review in a few weeks.

I want to point out that my way of following the diet plan may not work for you. I am doing what works best for me, and for me, making small changes over time is more doable than giving wheat up all at once. However, with the right tools, a well stocked pantry and some great recipes I think it will be just a matter of time before I have eliminated wheat from my diet for good!


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