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Going Wheat Free: My New Commitment to Myself

I guess you can say I am a walking encyclopedia when it comes to diets. After all I have been trying to lose weight since middle school. I remember those days when I had very little knowledge of what to do to lose weight (and lets face it, back in the 70s I don’t think too many experts did either). Back then my idea of a diet was total deprivation-packing my lunch with nothing more than half a sandwich and a piece of fruit after nothing more than a bowl of cereal for breakfast. No wonder I came home completely famished and ready to eat everything in site!

As I got older I started researching various diets and have tried more than my fair share. From Weight Watchers to Atkins, South Beach, LA Weight Loss and Slim-Fast just to name a few.  I have had some success with a few of these diets but ultimately the weight came back. Continue reading

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Wheat Belly Diet Update End of Week 1

I wasn’t planning on weighing in until being on the Wheat Belly Diet plan for a full week but found myself weighing in almost daily to see if I would have the rapid weight loss that many were having. I am happy to report that I am down to 198.5 so that’s 5 pounds in 5 days! I actually think it would have been more but I did some cheating along the way. I haven’t measured yet. I plan to weigh in about once a week and measure every few weeks or so.

The cheating did not involve wheat. In fact I have had no wheat products since i started.  However, there were days I was a bit heavy on the starchy carbs or sugary snacks. Tortilla chips, potatoes, rice and even a coke  are all wheat free and gluten free (check labels, brands may vary). However, it is important to watch your carb intake on this diet for best results. And for someone like me, who is pre-diabetic I was eating way too many carbs the first few days. Continue reading

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Wheat Belly Diet Day 1

I actually got started a day late on the wheat belly diet due to not being home all weekend and not getting to the grocery store.  I knew that if  I wasn’t well stocked with a variety of healthy wheat-free foods I was setting myself up for failure. Well I did get started a day late but happy to report that day 1 went well and so far no cravings.

My starting weight is pretty high at 203.5-which is not good for someone who is only 5’3″ tall. And here is the kicker-my waist measurement is a whopping 48 7/8″. Would you be surprised if I told you I haven’t worn anything without an elastic waistband in years? Continue reading

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