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Wheat Free Diet: What are the Benefits?

Although I am not in the medical profession I do enjoy reading anything that has to do with health and nutrition. And since I have been overweight on and off for most of my life (even as a child) most of the reading that I do has to do with weight loss. However, I have never really thought about how following a wheat free diet could help me lose weight.

I notice that even though the Wheat Belly Diet book is new it has already gotten 5 stars and favorable reviews from Amazon. And while I am sure that many people who read the book will skip over the history of wheat to get to the actual diet it is well worth reading from the beginning to see just how wheat has been changed over the years and just how it can affect us. Continue reading

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Wheat Belly Diet-Follow My Progress

There is a new diet book that just came out Aug 30 called Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health by cardiologist William Davis, MD.  And since belly fat is a big issue for me I was drawn to it after reading about the Wheat Belly Diet in Womans World magazine.

Until I read the article then bought the book I just assumed that unless you had a sensitivity to wheat such as those with celiac disease, wheat was basically a health food. Come to find out, because of modern practices the wheat that we eat isn’t the same wheat that was eaten generations ago. Continue reading

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