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Wheat Belly Total Health Review

Wheat Belly Total Health Book Review

Because heart disease is in your genes, does that mean you have an elevated chance of suffering the same concerns? Can you turn on cancer, heart disease and diabetes by the foods that you eat? The bestseller book Wheat Belly Total Health by cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, answers multiple questions on restoring your good health simply by changing the foods that you eat. Continue reading

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Cuisinart Food Processor Comparisons 2015

Review of the Most Popular Food Processors by Cuisinart

If you are trying to make healthier changes such as following a grain free diet or any other healthy eating plan then one of the healthiest changes you can make is eating more fruits and vegetables. This is where a good food processor comes in handy.
Click Here for Complete Listing of Cuisinart Food Processors Continue reading

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best elliptical trainer reviews

Best Elliptical Trainer Reviews 2015

Three Popular Elliptical Trainers to Fit Your Budget

An elliptical trainer is an exercise machine that is used to motivate running, walking and stair climbing exercises without giving too much pressure and stress to the joints. It is highly beneficial since it lowers risk of injuries. Using an elliptical trainer as part of your fitness routine will allow you to get a cardiovascular workout from the comfort of your home or office. Continue reading

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Fitbit Fitness Tracker Reviews

How Can a Fitbit Activity Tracker Improve Your Health?

It’s no secret that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. And even if you don’t follow a specific fitness routine there are plenty of health benefits to simply staying active throughout the day. Using a fitness tracker like a Fitbit is a great way to remind yourself to simply move more throughout the day. Continue reading

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