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What is a Wheat Belly?

Knowledge is power, and thanks to the latest research on genetically modified wheat, we have power over our health and weight. We have known that simple carbohydrates are no good for our body, but now there is staggering statistics regarding the previously beloved whole grains. Wheat belly is fat that gathers around the midsection. It is not because of bad diet choices, but the effect that wheat and grains have on our body.

Not Your Grandma’s Wheat

In the race to produce wheat to meet demand, agribusiness has wheat belly dietmodified the wheat we eat into something altogether different. The wheat we are eating today raises your blood sugar levels more than sugar.

These insulin spikes are the real danger. Not only does your body respond to such spikes with an inflammatory reaction, causing that unattractive wheat belly, but also sends the message to that brain that the body wants more.

In an effort to create a crop resistant to pests, disease and fungus, the proteins and glucose were negatively effected in today’s wheat.

The Dangers of Having a Wheat Belly

Wheat belly is a real struggle during swimsuit season. But there is a more serious issue being indicated in that pooch. The weight gain is just the beginning of the problem when you allow inflammation into your body. Heart disease, arthritis and diabetes are just some of the serious diseases that are being directly linked to wheat.

Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist and author of Wheat Belly advocates a diet free of wheat. He wheat belly total healthconcludes that, because of the changes in wheat over the generations, wheat is poisoning us.

For years, the mantra in the heart health community was “low-fat”. Dr. Davis experimented and collaborated with others in the medical community looking at the same notion.

Over and over again, the results found that the triggers from wheat in our body created a list of negative responses. Dr. William Davis published his findings and recommendations in his book, Wheat Belly

The Truth About Grains

While wheat has become the obvious villain because it is in so many of the food staples we consume, there are multitudes of other grains. And while it is true that most of these have not been through the same terrifying modifications as wheat, there are still health reasons to consider giving up all grains. There is a naturally occurring substance called phytic acid that blocks absorption of important nutrients in the body.

Is the Wheat Belly Diet Like the Atkins Diet?

Dr. Robert Atkins was a cardiologist who also recognized the link between carbohydrates and obesity. This diet plan has become very well marketed and trends through our conversations again and again. His diet principles were based on several stages to shock and then maintain the body’s response to carbohydrates.

Some people have simplified his diet into the “meat and cheese diet”. This however misses the mark and can lead people into a new path of unhealthy eating choices, all the while still losing weight.

The Paleo Diet

This diet plan is the old becoming new again. Paleo eaters focus on unprocessed, whole and natural foods. Things like grass fed meats, fresh fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and nuts are considered Paleo.

Processed foods, flours, dairy, and even legumes are the culprits triggering the negative glucose response and not allowed. Followers of this diet lose great amounts of weight and report they feel less hungry than calorie counters.

The Wheat Belly diet plan is not as restrictive as the Paleo diet. However, all foods on the Paleo diet are Wheat Belly approved and you will find a variety of Paleo eating plans that will fit nicely into the Wheat Belly way of eating.

With the choices that are afforded to us in this generation, it is time to take control of your health. The Wheat Belly diet offers so many benefits in addition to weight loss that it just makes sense. In fact, the Wheat Belly Diet shouldn’t even be thought of as a diet at all but instead as a healthy lifestyle.


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  1. R.G. Nelson

    I’m beginning to follow these guide lines, given to me by my nurse whom has all but faded away from weight loss. I’m a 65yr old barber with the gut I swore I’d never have and its time to start looking and feeling better. I am also diabetic so if this helps I’m on my way to a better me

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